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We are experts at building state-of-the-art responsive websites that fit the client and their audience.
Our team is talented and innovative, creating dynamic and functional websites that convey the brand message.
Wicked Bionic has designed and developed websites in entertainment, law, real estate, non-profit, healthcare, and small business.



Rebranding TVGN.tv to PopTV.com brought Wicked Bionic the opportunity to collaborate with top network marketing executives. The project was to design and develop a website that expressed a vibrant pop culture and would promote interactivity between stars and their fans. The site is alive and active with aggregated newsy items populating it’s pages as well as showcasing new series and cataloging past shows.


LawFirm Websites

When one of the top litigators in the United States makes a decision to partner and launch his own firm, his website needs to represent his vision and unrelenting determination to win.

There is nothing ambiguous about Managing Partner John M. Pierce and the directive for piercebainbridge.com was that the website reflect the foundation of the new firm – it was to be fierce, tenacious and uncompromising. This was achieved by powerful imagery on the homepage: paratroopers coming in for a landing; two large, intense bulls locking horns in the mud; a macro black and white chessboard – these are the first images one sees when arriving at piercebainbridge.com.


RealEstate Websites

Winners of the 2016 Interactive Media Award Best in Class for Real Estate for BKFProperties.com. Designing and developing websites that feature the best of local areas and express the personalities of real estate professionals and creating beautiful property landing pages has become a passion at Wicked Bionic.



To build a brand for a new business, we begin by looking at who they are and defining the audience they want to reach. We create websites that best express the client and their mission, ensuring that they are positioned as a top provider. These sites are easy to navigate, responsive, mobile-friendly and give wings to the brand.



Whether it’s a psychotherapist or a leading nuclear medical equipment sales executive looking for more exposure, Wicked Bionic designs unique logos and websites that speak to the desired audience and are easy to navigate.



From an environmental group dedicated to awareness and support via the media to a website that aims to bring hope and education around a devastating disease, the opportunity to support non-profits by designing websites that display their heartfelt messages is a passion at Wicked Bionic.