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SocialMedia Campaigns

Building Your Audience
Is your social media lacking? Are you not seeing the return you expect?

We look at your product or business and create an effective social media strategy. A successful social media strategy engages your customers, motivates brand lift and recall and can drive down acquisition and retention costs. If balanced, a campaign will also help steer new customers to your website and enable your existing customers to aid in attracting more people via social sharing.



Attraction and Promotion
We start by looking at who’s looking at you. Our research will tell us where your business currently exist in the digital landscape so we can shape a suitable strategy that will get you where you want to go. We believe in ‘fishing where the fish are’ and, with a very specific targeted marketing process on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google, we find and speak to the audience and customers you want to attract.

Engagement and growth are measurable and our goal is always to lower your CPA. We are transparent in our work on your behalf by providing regular reporting throughout the campaign. This allows us to manage our efforts together and pivot when necessary for maximum success.


MediaAd Buys

Strategy and Implementation
Highly crafted media buying strategies and campaigns deliver awareness and engagement. Whether social, local, web or mobile, our media buying expertise comes from the right blend of research and data, an understanding of the most effective targets and, how to pivot and spend based on reporting and analytics.



Design and Development
We are experts at building state-of-the-art responsive websites that fit the client and their audience. Our team is talented and innovative, creating dynamic and functional websites that convey the brand message.

Wicked Bionic has designed and developed websites in content production, entertainment, law, real estate, non-profit, medical equipment supplies, psychotherapy, and politics.


LiveEvent Social Media

Creating A Shareable Experience
When you have an event and need a social media campaign to maximize the experience, we are here to manage everything from concept through implementation. With over a decade of Red Carpet experience and a multitude of awards, we are experts at creating and executing large and small-scale innovative social initiatives that will amplify and pump up your event!