At Los Angeles marketing and advertising agency Wicked Bionic, we have over 40 years of experience connecting with diverse audiences around the world. A significant factor in our success is that we spend most of our time understanding the psychology of why people do what they do. We know human beings and what makes them interact with each other. Our agency connects people to brands in ways that genuinely make a difference to the consumer. Creating this connection has been our primary focus so that all people feel included and acknowledged by the brands we represent.

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Our work with the City of Los Angeles is a prime example of our ability to reach any consumer anywhere.  From media campaigns centered around free immigration resources, scholarships providing high school diplomas online, Teen Health, and 2020 Census outreach to low-income and low-tech residents, our strategic research and planning has increased engagement by over 325% for our clients. For the Los Angeles Public Library we’ve reached over 7.7 million Hispanics and drove massive traffic to LAPL.org/newamericans, creating 1,593% growth in twelve months. Our successful campaigns are delivered in English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, and Tagalog and we have the experience to advertise in all languages.

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Connecting with younger demographics to replenish your customer base is becoming a huge challenge for many industries. Our client, an innovative baby sleep expert, had been a pioneer in her niche for over 20 years when she partnered with us. Reaching millennials and Gen Z moms demanded a modern marketing strategy. We applied Wicked Bionic’s signature marketing strategies to reach these new audiences. We develop her customized marketing and revenue growth plan for the next year, three years, and five years. Today, her business is powerfully positioned for the new generation of moms.

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Clients like maritime law firm Peacock Piper Tong + Voss came to us with a vision for their new firm comprised of industry veterans and a younger generation of industry experts. They wanted their brand to show their power to not only dominate the maritime industry but showcase the vast knowledge and broad areas of expertise that comprise this talented group.

We collaboratively designed their look and feel, created visuals, and content that spoke to their target audience and positioned them as the firm that is ready at a moment’s notice for their clients in high-pressure situations. Peacock Piper came alive through brand development, website design, and powerful photography.

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LATV, a Latino-owned TV network in the Hispanic television space, recently began working with us to attract more advertisers and grow their viewership. Essentially, the company aims to modernize a broadcast business with a digital business, a trend-setting brand,  and an innovative content hub. Wicked Bionic is driving an aggressive ad campaign to reach over 1 million people. Our research and consumer engagement data are delivering major wins early on. Within the first few months of partnering with Wicked Bionic, LATV has attracted major brands to advertise on their network.

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For many of our clients, creating content regularly and nurturing relationships on social media have been low priorities in the past. Once we take over, our clients start seeing results soon after: more organic traffic, more people engaging, more conversions. MelroseINC, a technology retailer and IT services consultancy, initially struggled to publish blog posts consistently and gain much traction on social networks. In 6 months of working with us, the tech company has attracted 22,432 Facebook followers. Private Label University, a training company geared toward entrepreneurs, now enjoys an upgraded look and online user experience. The company’s robust website once took 30 seconds to load, and today, the modernized site loads in five seconds flat. We’re helping both companies consistently publish quality blog posts, further boosting their social media following and demonstrating their expertise.


In 2016, TVOne became the only major African American TV network owned entirely by African Americans. The network was looking for a refresh and wanted to rebrand with the new tagline: “Represent.” To engage viewers across digital platforms, Wicked Bionic implemented a multiplatform approach that produced powerful results:

  • Modern web design that drove 43% growth in page views
  • Responsive, mobile and user-friendly design that increased iPhone traffic by 59% and Android traffic by 25%
  • Integrating premium content curated from social feeds, sister web properties and hash tagged public posts led to 32% growth in users
  • CMS improvements that aided staff in efficiently releasing new content across the platform

The TV Guide Network sought to build a new, interactive website to attract younger fans, 18-34 years old. To create hype around their rebrand to PopTV.com, we designed a unique web/social integration on Tumblr, which at the time, surpassed Instagram’s user base. The research and execution proved effective. Three months after launching, PopTV’s mobile audience grew to 46% new sessions and drove 57% growth in shares. They continue to grow year over year.

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