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How to Effectively Reach Hispanics, Millennials, Gen Z’s and Other Consumer Segments and grow your consumer base. Download the Guide and learn the TOP STRATEGIES used by INDUSTRY LEADERS to reach more consumers.
Are you messaging consumers correctly?
35% of Hispanics say they prefer ads that reflect their culture with Hispanic consumers aged 15-34 being less likely to prefer Spanish over English.
Are you providing A+ customer service digitally?
Gen Xers care about great customer service. Providing timely responses and rectifying issues quickly can make a Gen Xer become a repeat customer.
Are you researching what’s important to your customer?
African Americans are 20% more likely than the total population to say they will “pay extra for a product that is consistent with the image I want to convey”.
Are you highlighting your brand values?
Millennials prefer shopping online and care more about environmental and social issues being addressed by the brands they buy from.
Marketing Means Diversity

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