We Already Have the Customers You’re Looking For

Through our proprietary research tools, Wicked Bionic has collected and analyzed data from over 20 sources and compiled the information into ONE REPORT FOR YOU.


  • Data that shows why customizing your messaging can create an over 300% increase in engagement with targeted audiences.
  • Why it’s a missed opportunity not to use the power of business analytics and realtime data to develop your targeted strategy and messaging.
  • Actionable tools to effectively reach Hispanics, Millennials, Gen Z’s and other consumer segments In Los Angeles.
  • Data that shows where and how target markets consume content and where to deliver your ad spend.

At Wicked Bionic we are experts in multicultural and multigenerational marketing and advertising. Our media placement strategies and campaigns for initiatives for the City of Los Angeles have reached and engaged over 4.6 million Hispanics, Koreans, and Chinese in the City and driven a 300%+ growth in conversions for our clients.

We can reach anyone, anywhere, and drive customers to your door, your product, or your service. We have the data to prove it.

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