Public Sector

Whether you acknowledge it regularly or not, your work makes a meaningful difference in your local community day in, day out. If only you could reach more people who could benefit, the impact would be even greater. We get it. At Wicked Bionic, we speak your language.

Through our partnership with the Los Angeles Public Library and the City of Los Angeles, we’ve made huge strides exposing the community to free services that are life-changing. Through targeted multicultural media buying campaigns, we’ve informed over 4.6 million people where to get free help on the immigration and naturalization processes. We’re also spreading awareness about how to obtain a high school diploma online for free through our city libraries. The most successful public service initiatives transform the minds and hearts of the community and inspire them to do things differently. We can help you inspire change.


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Raving fans from the 18-34 demographic is rocket fuel for your brand. And as 5G expands into more cities, so does your potential to attract more fans and ad sales. The problem: you’re fighting for attention from Gen Z and Millennials along with thousands of other companies in the entertainment industry. How do you stand out from your competitors? How can you harness your market’s ferocious appetite for content? How can you attract an underserved demographic? Think user-generated content. Brand transformations. Branded video games. Sweepstakes. Targeted Hispanic and Multicultural campaigns. At our full-service multicultural marketing and advertising agency Wicked Bionic, we’ve done it all.

Products + Services

More customers, more sales, more profit. Ultimately, those are the results your marketing initiatives should produce. More “likes,” followers and web traffic are great, but if they’re not growing your bottom line, there’s something wrong with your strategy. We’re here to make your marketing work for you. Our clients in the products and services space include training programs, technology, law firms, apparel, and many others.

Wicked Bionic takes pride in its long list of success stories. A few highlights: product lines selling out in 30 days, huge visibility spikes through celebrity influencers, increased customer retention rates. The list goes on. With an incredibly sound marketing and advertising strategy and quality execution, exponential growth is possible.