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The agency that never sleeps. We live and breathe optimization.

Wicked Bionic is an end-to-end marketing agency that does more than marketing. We can’t help it. With deep roots as entertainment industry executives, our founders know what it takes to achieve exponential growth in record time. Launching a new TV show is like launching a new brand: You cultivate a relationship with your audience and ideally, they keep coming back to you. That’s how multimillion-dollar brands succeed. We help you get there through marketing, branding, media plans, and ad campaigns that reach diverse audiences with culturally intelligent messaging. And because our expertise stretches into other areas like media buying across platforms beyond digital like TV, radio, mobile, print, and OOH plus product development, and highly technical execution, we offer much more than traditional marketing agencies that manage only digital.

We promise to . . .

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Be 100% honest..
  • We don’t say we can deliver something that’s not possible, and we don’t upsell you on services you don’t need.
  • You know your business better than anybody. Part of our approach to customizing your strategy is listening and diving deep into your business.
Reduce risk.
  • We test strategies before spending your money, ultimately helping you reduce the cost of customer acquisition.
Track everything.
  • We never stop optimizing to maximize your ROI.
Carlos Sapene

Carlos Sapene

CEO, Chief Creative & Technology Officer

The innovator and strategist

Tell Carlos about a marketing problem, and you’ll likely sense the wheels turning in his brain. He’s known to come up with a couple of dozen solutions all at once. With nearly 20 years of leading digital experiences in entertainment and tech, his ideas have made digital marketing leaders out of E!, NBCUniversal, Style Network and Bravo. Red carpet events, for example, will never be the same. At E!, Carlos led the team that pioneered the 360-degree glam cam a decade ago. Today, the big networks have followed his lead and vision by developing OTT platforms and using social media to distribute content and engage audiences in order to keep up with the rapidly changing way audiences consume content.

As our CEO, Chief Creative and Technology Officer, Carlos uses technology to drive creative strategy and business growth for our clients. He’s built IT infrastructures from scratch and can easily navigate back-end systems. Clients have called Carlos a “magician” partly because he ideates and executes from different perspectives: programmer, growth strategist, product developer, even world traveler. One of the most common mistakes in marketing, he says, is making assumptions about personas. Having lived in Caracas, London and Paris, his international experiences have helped him understand and appreciate the nuances of human psychology.      LinkedIn

Dana C. Arnett

Dana C. Arnett

CEO, Chief Operating Officer

The quality guru and problem solver

If you’ve ever watched reality TV and wondered how everything came together week after week, ask Dana. She led post-production on well over 6000 hours of television, including The Biggest Loser,  Masterchef, and For Love or Money. Dana was the last set of eyes before broadcast. Her typical day included overseeing up to 10 television series and the staff for each, and ensuring quality while managing tight deadlines and multimillion-dollar budgets. Working as a press agent in her twenties, industry execs called her “the make-it-happen girl” because no matter how chaotic a situation became, Dana got things done. Period.

These days, Dana’s levelheaded expertise is leading our team on execution and operations. Every asset we produce goes through the rigorous quality assurance process Dana perfected in 35-plus years of post-production work. As our CEO and Chief Operating Officer, Dana’s No. 1 priority is making sure that every client gets the VIP treatment they deserve. That’s not a company line—it’s a way of life here at Wicked Bionic. Putting our clients first and being honest truly guides Dana’s decisions every day. As she often reminds the team, “Any marketing agency can sell services. We’re here to partner with our clients and help them succeed.”     LinkedIn

Dana C. Arnett
Jessica New 2019

Jessica Naves

Marketing Manager
Kathleen Fazio

Kathy Fazio

Creative Director & Designer
Valentina Romero

Valentina Romero

Web Design & Development


Board Member

Los Angeles-based Fulfillment Fund ScholarBridge Board Member. Working to make college a reality for students growing up in educationally and economically under-resourced communities.

Los Angeles Forum 2019/2020 Vice Chair. A fully accredited affiliate of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council which strives to provide access, tools, resources, education and training for certified WBEs.

Dana C. Arnett and Carlos Sapene
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